Underground car park

Hamburg Bergedorf, Deutschland


Herr SelbmannHerr SelbmannHerr SelbmannHerr Selbmann


One important building site in the Hanseatic city can be found on the site of the former Hamburg-Bergedorf freight station. Bouwfonds Hamburg GmbH invested a total of 52 million euros here to create new, top-quality residential space. The result was a residential complex comprising 155 flats to let, 137 flats for sale and a terrace of 25 houses.

The quality of the residential area includes comfortable parking in underground car parks. For this reason, 138 partially contiguous underground car parks were built below the residential buildings and town houses. The largest car park is 265 metres long and 12 metres wide.

To build the underground car parks JORDAHL GmbH provided JDSDQ double shear connectors to reliably connect the parking levels and concrete elements. The thermal expansion or shrinkage of the elements and any settlement are thus easily compensated.
Builder: Bouwfonds Hamburg GmbH
Construction Period: 2008-2009


JORDAHL® Double Shear Connector JDSD
JORDAHL® Double Shear
Connector JDSD