Distribution centre, IKEA Dortmund

Dortmund, Germany


Klebl GmbHKlebl GmbH


The world's largest distribution centre of a well-known Swedish furniture maker with four yellow letters is located in the Dortmund district of Ellinghausen covering a total area of 135 hectares - larger than 200 football pitches. It houses approx. 800,000 palette spaces in fully automatic, high-bay warehouses. Products are shipped from here to all Ikea furniture shops in Europe.

Three new warehouses were erected in the first construction stage: Klebl won the contract as the main contractor for the European Low Flow (ELF) warehouse. The ELF warehouse measures around 750 by 180 metres and was built as a reinforced concrete prefabricated element structure. The warehouse columns alone are 32 metres long and weigh more than 70 tonnes each. The warehouse's roof and façade are made of thermally insulated trapezoid plating.

Klebl opted for JORDAHL® trapezoid plating mounting rails to quickly and economically install the trapezoid plating on both the roof and the façades. The rails were concreted into the prefabricated elements, flush with the surface, correctly oriented and complete with foam fill in the Klebl prefabrication plant.
Builder: IKEA Distribution Services GmbH
Building Company: Klebl GmbH
Construction Period: 2008 - 2009


JORDAHL® Profiled Metal Sheet Channel JTB
JORDAHL® Profiled Metal Sheet
Channel JTB