Mercedes Benz factory

Kecskemét, Hungary


Züblin AG, StuttgartZüblin AG, Stuttgart


To make the production of compact cars more economical, Mercedes-Benz has built a new factory around 80 kilometres from Budapest. In addition to its B Class cars, Kecskemét will also be the only site to assemble the new Coupé Class CLA.

The production and assembly sheds, and associated administration and service buildings, were erected on an overall ground area of around 25 hectares; together with open spaces and other outside areas the factory site covers around 140 hectares, comparable to the area covered by 140 football fields. In Kecskemét, 3,400 employees produce more than 40,000 vehicles annually (as at: 31 December 2012).

The production sheds were predominantly built using prefabricated elements. The columns and trusses for the sheds are heavily reinforced. In order to facilitate long spans of up to 30 metres, the trusses were also prestressed in direct combination with prestressing tendons. Because they form the load-bearing elements of the structure, the building services engineering facilities (rainwater and wastewater pipes, cable trays, sprinkler pipes and ventilation) were attached to the columns and trusses once the carcass was complete.

JORDAHL GmbH provided JORDAHL® JTA W 40/22 anchor channels to build the Kecskemét Mercedes-Benz factory. By using JORDAHL® JTA anchor channels damage to the tendons when installing plugs was ruled out and installation of the building services engineering facilities on the reinforced concrete structure was easily implemented. In addition, JORDAHL® JTA anchor channels were used to allow prefabricated elements to be connected.
Builder: Mercedes Benz AG
Building Company: Züblin AG
Construction Period: 2010 – 2012


JORDAHL® Anchor Channel JTA W
JORDAHL® Anchor Channel JTA W