Fusionopolis is a high-rise complex, designed under the auspices of the Japanese architect Kisho Kurokawa. It is located in the heart of the newly designed centre of Singapore.

Fusionopolis, a research and development centre, and the adjacent high-rise complex Biopolis, form the basis of the new high-tech-quarter One North.

The glass façade, a so-called structurally-glazed curtain wall, is not only mechanically secured but also prevents even high wind loads from being transferred to the inner structure.

JORDAHL supplied anchor channels JTA to safely attach the glass facade that is decorated in part with an elaborate screen print design.
Builder: Jerome Town Council (JTC), Singapur/SGP
Architect: Kisho Kurokawa
Construction Period: 2006 – 2009


JORDAHL® Anchor Channel JTA W
JORDAHL® Anchor Channel JTA W
JORDAHL® Anchor Channel JTA K
JORDAHL® Anchor Channel JTA K