Frank Errit

City Tunnel

Leipzig, Germany

Photographer: Frank Errit


Frank Errit


Central Germany's largest transport construction project is complete: the approx. 4 km long City Tunnel in Leipzig. The 960 million euro project connects the terminus stations Bayerischer Bahnhof and Leipzig Hauptbahnhof. This allows faster direkt connections to the regional and long-distance rail networks and improved and faster connections to the Leipzig S-Bahn network.

Leipzig's City Tunnel consists of two tunnels with a length of 1.438 kilometres each and four underground stations – at Bayerischen Bahnhof, Wilhelm-Leuschner-Platz, Markt and Hauptbahnhof. Both the tunnel and the station carcasses are complete. The interior fittings and railway engineering facilities of the tunnel tubes are also completed. The electrical operation of the trains in the tunnels is facilitated by 7,450 m of overhead conductor rail. The Deutsche Bahn overhead cables in the stations were attached using JORDAHL® JTA W53/34 anchor channels. In addition, JORDAHL® JDSD double shear connectors were used for the moveable connection of the side walls at the entrance portals to the stations.

The City Tunnel in Leipzig will enter operation with the change to the Deutsche Bahn AG winter timetable starting 15 December 2013.
Builder: Freistaat Sachsen, Stadt Leipzig, Deutsche Bahn AG
Building Company: Alpine Bau Deutschland GmbH
Construction Period: 2003 – 2013


JORDAHL® Anchor Channel JTA W
JORDAHL® Anchor Channel JTA W
JORDAHL® Anchor Channel JTA K
JORDAHL® Anchor Channel JTA K
JORDAHL® Double Shear Connector JDSD
JORDAHL® Double Shear
Connector JDSD