MainBow residential and commercial building

Frankfurt, Germany


Thomas Koculak


6,300 square metres of useful floor space with 48 residential units and space for retail and catering outlets: This is what the MainBow project in Frankfurt's Ostend district offers.

"MainBow" is located right by the River Main, in the vicinity of the new European Central Bank (ECB) building. The MainBow complex consists of three building units which were developed, in terms of their architectural design, based on Frankfurt's former wholesale market hall. The configuration of the facade and the curved outlines ensure that the development fits harmoniously into the existing building stock in the surrounding area, which was constructed primarily during the 1920s.

The residential units in the building sections which are up to seven storeys high cover areas of between 70 and 177 square metres, and the complex is completely accessible to people with disabilities. The MainBow residential and commercial building was constructed in accordance with what is known as the KfW efficiency house 85 standard. Compared to conventional buildings of this type, the building's primary energy demand is therefore around 15 per cent lower, which is made possible primarily by the design of the facade and windows.

For the MainBow residential and commercial building, JORDAHL GmbH supplied JORDAHL® punching shear reinforcement JDA which is used in the buildings to transfer high transverse forces in the area of the flat ceilings close to the supports with low formwork and reinforcement requirements. The use of double-headed anchor strips meant that support head reinforcements or joists could be dispensed with.
Builder: Nassauische Heimstätte Wohnungs- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH, Frankfurt/Main
Architect: Dietz Joppien Architekten AG, Frankfurt/Main
Construction Period: 2008 – 2010


JORDAHL® Shear Reinforcement JDA
JORDAHL® Punching Shear
Reinforcement JDA