Rathaus Passagen

Chemnitz, Germany



The city of Chemnitz in Saxony sees itself as a City of Modernity and, in truth, barely any other community in eastern Germany has been so active in recent years in terms of infrastructure development. A prominent example is the building of the Rathaus Passagen in Chemnitz city centre.

Retailers, caterers, office and practices, flats: The Rathaus Passagen project builds on a close link between living and working in a central location. The first construction stage – then still referred to as the Mittelstandsmeile Chemnitz – comprised 6,200 square metres of floor space and 54 residential units with more than 4,000 square metres of living space, and was completed in two years. In parallel, additional residential and commercial real estate with more than 15,000 square metres of additional floor space was built, completed in 2004.

To secure the balconies, JORDAHL GmbH provided the JORDAHL® railing fastening channels JGB for the first construction stage. The railing mounting rails are placed directly in the reinforcement prior to concreting and attached to the formwork. After concreting and formwork stripping, the railings can be reliably and easily attached to the rails.
Builder: GGG Grundstücks- und Gebäudewirtschafts-Gesellschaft m.b.H., Chemnitz
Architect: Erfurth + Mathes Beratende Ingenieure GmbH, Chemnitz
Construction Period: 2001 – 2003


JORDAHL® Railing fastening channel JGB
JORDAHL® Railing fastening
channel JGB