MyZeil shopping centre

Frankfurt, Germany


Knippers Helbig (wikkicommons)Knippers Helbig (wikkicommons)


Around 77,000 square metres of floor space on eight levels, the longest internal, self-supporting escalator in Germany and a spectacular steel and glass façade: MyZeil is seen as one of the modernest shopping centres in Europe.

The Zeil in Frankfurt am Main has been one of Germany's best known shopping streets for more than 100 years. To increase the attractiveness of this location even further, extensive works began in 2004 to create an extended experience and utility space in the immediate neighbourhood of the Zeil, centred on the Thurn und Taxis Palais. The baroque town palace now forms the centrepiece of the new PalaisQuartier, and MyZeil the transition zone to the Zeil shopping street.

MyZeil's identifying feature is the structure's unique envelope. The Italian architect Massimiliano Fuksas designed a glass structure that is curved and partially rotated along its axis, extending in all directions from the 13,000 square metre roof. Fuksas was inspired in his work by a canyon. The glass-metal elements run through the entire building like a river bed, thereby flooding it with daylight. Around 1400 parking lots are available to visitors beneath the building in the town's largest underground car park.

JORDAHL GmbH provided JORDAHL® JGB railing mountings for the MyZeil shopping centre.
Builder: MAB Development Deutschland GmbH, Frankfurt am Main
Architect: KSP Jürgen Engel Architekten GmbH, Frankfurt am Main, Massimiliano Fuksas, Rom
Construction Period: 2004 – 2010


JORDAHL® Railing fastening channel JGB
JORDAHL® Railing fastening
channel JGB