The New Theatre of Saint Nazaire

Saint Nazaire, France



In Saint Nazaire on the west coast of France, a theatre with 850 seats was built in 2012. The theatre, which is situated between the old railway station and the submarine base, will promote the development and attractiveness of the harbour area. It is part of the on-going Hafencity project, which began in 1994. Construction work was completed in spring of 2012.

The building’s facade is a model of creativity, combining in-situ concrete and decorative precast panels, some parts of which are complete and others are left open.

JORDAHL supplied anchor channels JTA W 50/30 2.050 to securely attach the precast panels.
Builder: City of Saint-Nazaire
Building Company: Savoie Frère
Architect: K-architectures
Construction Period: 2010 – 2012


JORDAHL® Anchor Channel JTA W
JORDAHL® Anchor Channel JTA W