Connecting structural elements

The JORDAHL® JDSD double shear connectors are perfect for use where you want to safely and reliably connect concrete slabs, columns, beams, prefabricated members, in-situ concrete, balustrades, etc.
Their flexurally rigid design with high load bearing capacity, the optimal pressure distribution thanks to integrated cross-connectors, and the fast and simple installation with optimal anti-torsion protection are only a few of the numerous advantages provided by JORDAHL® double shear connectors. They have proven themselves over decades of practice and are available in a variety of designs to meet your needs. For example, there are 11 different shear connectors available for optimised and economical use. And of course, we can design custom solutions just for your project.

The JORDAHL® JDSD double shear connectors have national technical approval number Z-15.7-237.

Suitable products


The Metropolitan Office Building
Maasvlakte Power Plant 3 coal-fired power station (MPP3)
Frank Errit
City Tunnel Leipzig
Stadium Miejski
Düsseldorf airport
Noise abatement walls (NAE) on Autobahn 1
Underground car park

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