Prefabricated components

For anybody who wants to safely and reliably connect prefabricated components such as columns and walls, the JORDAHL® anchor channel and bolt system is the perfect solution. Installation is fast and simple, allows small edge spacing and the system is especially durable thanks to the corrosion-free and high-quality material. With these advantages JORDAHL® anchor channels and bolts have set new standards in connection systems and are therefore in global demand. We provide them in a number of designs to meet your needs and are happy to design custom solutions on request.

JORDAHL® anchor channels come complete with European Technical Approval number ETA-09/0338.

Suitable products


Mathijs Steinb001
Leidsche Rijn Centrum
Jakarta Light Rail Transit
Cooling Tower
Théâtre de Saint-Nazaire
Mercedes Benz factory, Kecskemét
Distribution centre, IKEA Dortmund
FIEGE Megacenter Bremen II

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