Eberhardt Immobilienbau GmbH

Neue Glacis Bastion

Neu-Ulm, Germany

Photographer: Eberhardt Immobilienbau GmbH




The "Neue Glacis Bastion" building complex in the centre of Neu-Ulm is part of the urban redevelopment of the area west of Caponniere IV between the train station and Glacis Park. The up to eight storeys house high-quality flats, offices, doctor's practices, restaurants, and an underground garage with 140 parking spaces. Punching shear reinforcements and brickwork support brackets by Berlin-based JORDAHL GmbH make it possible to realise the modern flat-slab constructions and especially load-carrying foundations, as well as the energy-efficient installation of exposed-concrete elements for the design of the façade.

Today, high rooms, flat ceilings, curtain walls and clear lines are typical for the style of modern multi-functional buildings. The "Neue Glacis Bastion" project by Ulm-based architects office Braunger Wörtz shows these characteristics. Thanks to innovative reinforcement and fastening technologies, it was possible to realise this construction project saving both costs and time.

The plans for the building project included ceilings with low thickness. In order to prevent the slender supports from punching through the slabs, around 2,400 JORDAHL® punching shear reinforcements JDA were installed above the supports in the reinforcement of the ceiling formwork. This way, it was possible to realise flat-slab constructions without supporting beams as well as particularly load-carrying foundations. Punching shear reinforcements by JORDAHL enable the transmission of high supporting forces with little formwork and reinforcement efforts. Specifically, this means that in comparison to flat slabs and foundations with conventional reinforcement technology, the punching shear resistance is increased by 90 percent when using JORDAHL® punching shear reinforcements! It was possible to do completely without intrusive supporting beams and thus make optimal use of the storeys' heights. This also positively affects the construction costs.

When looking for a suitable connection system for the elements of the façade, the architects and structural engineers of the "Neue Glacis Bastion" building complex also decided in favour of products by JORDAHL. Particularly the JVAeco+ brickwork support brackets, of which we needed about 1,500, convinced. These brackets made of Lean Duplex stainless steel 1.4362 are very cost-effective and durable fastening elements that take up the weight of the brickwork and of the exposed concrete elements running around it and transmit it into the load bearing structures via the JORDAHL® anchor channels. Together with the load bearing structures, they form a double-layer construction with excellent properties in terms of building physics.

Due to the numerous ecological and energetic requirements on the building project, especially the thermal optimisation of the brickwork support brackets JVAeco+ turned out to be a major advantage. During the development of the brackets, the designers made sure that they were constructed with the focus on the essential static tasks. This way, it was possible to reduce the ratio of materials with thermal conductivity to a minimum. This is why the JVAeco+ brackets also meet the energetic requirements of the EnEV with the standard values of DIN 4108 (thermal insulation et al.) and DIN 18599 (energetic evaluation).

Not least because of the good delivery and construction processes, the project will be finalised as planned by the end of 2017.
Builder: Eberhardt Immobilienbau GmbH
Building Company: Höfle & Wohlrab Bau GmbH (HWB)
Architect: Braunger Wörtz
Construction Period: 2016-2017


JORDAHL® Shear Reinforcement JDA
JORDAHL® Punching Shear
Reinforcement JDA
JORDAHL® Brickwork support bracket JVAeco+
JORDAHL® Brickwork support
bracket JVAeco+