Simon Menges

Residential Building in Prenzlauer Berg

Berlin, Germany

Photographer: Simon Menges


Simon Menges


As regards urban development, the Berlin urban district Prenzlauer Berg is characterised by five-storey residential buildings in closed block construction. Most of the properties, on which the blocks are built, are very deep and many have backyards. Hidden in one of these backyards, a residential building was developed in the course of urban densification with its own unique structure reminiscent of a pyramid. It is the result of conditions relating to building law and monument protection: The monument protection authority wanted to reconstruct a transverse building that was destroyed in the war in order to restore the original condition. Based on today’s spacing regulations, the building supervisory authority refused this. The solution was an external low set roof with an eaves height of only about 7.5 m. With a slope of less than 70 degrees, it rises to about 18m and extends over three floors. The building offers space for two generous residential units, a roof terrace completes the picture.

The unconventional building is coated with a colour-changing skin made of clinker. JORDAHL® brickwork support brackets JVA+ (F-, FAR, P-, PAR brackets) were used to attach the façade. For the inside of the parapet with base support and support above the opening, NA and PAR brackets as well as JORDAHL® toothed straps JVB were used. A unique characteristic of this building is the clinkering of the roof slopes. Here, JORDAHL was faced with the task of developing special brackets to support the clinker which take the geometric and sealing problems into consideration. The brackets (F-, FAR-, P-, PAR-) were equipped with metal plates in order to ensure the attachment of the sealing sheet. Before doing so, the construction tolerances had to be balanced with a substructure specifically developed for this building project. With the JORDAHL® brickwork support brackets JVA+, the brickwork façades are fastened in a long-lasting and economical manner. They have excellent structural-physical properties.

It was not possible to store the brackets in the internal courtyard due to the confined space on the construction site. The brackets that were required were produced in the Trebbin factory and delivered to the site as needed.
Builder: privat
Building Company: Janhsen Bau GmbH, Herford, Deutschland
Architect: Barkow Leibinger, Berlin
Construction Period: 2015-2016


JORDAHL® Brickwork Support Brackets JVA+
JORDAHL® Brickwork Support
Brackets JVA+