Residenza Catherine

Losone, Schweiz



The "Residenza Catherine" is located Losone (Tessin, CH) and consists of two basements and three floors above ground. One of the basements contains a garage with 28 parking spaces, the other contains cellars and storage rooms.

The garage is accessed via a wide, exposed concrete ramp and the two main entrances to the residential buildings are on the north and south faces of the building.

The three above-ground floors comprise a total of twelve apartments, including two duplex apartments and four penthouses which are all furnished in natural stone and have large covered terraces.

The building, designed by the architectural firm, Mario Botta, is largely characterized by its stone façade. The interplay of protrusions and recesses conveys a feeling of movement which breaks up the façade of the massive building.

A large, round fountain was placed along the access road which is covered in stone like all of the enclosure walls.

JORDAHL provided JORDAHL® brickwork support brackets JVA+ for this project.
Builder: Silo Melezza SA
Building Company: Antonini & Ghidossi SA
Architect: Mario Botta Architetto
Construction Period: 2012-2014


JORDAHL® Brickwork Support Brackets JVA+
JORDAHL® Brickwork Support
Brackets JVA+