Mark Vogel

New in Wiesbaden:
Büro am Kulturpark

Wiesbaden, Deutschland

Photographer: Mark Vogel


Mark Vogel


In the exposed region of Wiesbaden, the "Büro am Kulturpark" (Offices at the Cultural Park) was built under the supervision of STRABAG Real Estate. The building has more than 9,100 square meters of rental space and 175 parking garage and outside parking spaces. Due to its proximity to the main train station in Wiesbaden and the Frankfurt airport, it is has excellent traffic connections. Overall, the "Büro am Kulturpark" offers modern working areas for approximately 400 people. The project was conceived based on sustainability aspects. The hope is to achieve the "silver" DGNB certificate.

For the reinforcement of ceilings and foundations, the planners of the general contractor Züblin AG chose JORDAHL punching shear reinforcement JDA. This punching shear reinforcement allows the high support forces to be transferred with little formwork and reinforcement effort and optimum use of space. At the "Büro am Kulturpark", the benefits of the JDA punching shear reinforcement, such as the fact that it can be installed from above or below, the reduced formwork effort or the level ceiling sub-layer were consciously utilized. The intuitively operable JORDAHL® EXPERT software JDA allowed for an unproblematic measurement of the punching shear reinforcement that was adapted to the project.
Builder: STRABAG Real Estate GmbH, Bereich Rhein-Main
Building Company: Ed. Züblin AG
Architect: Architekten Theiss Planungsgesellschaft mbH
Construction Period: 2012-2013


JORDAHL® Shear Reinforcement JDA
JORDAHL® Punching Shear
Reinforcement JDA