Early in the 20th century the German-American Julius Kahn invented a revolutionary reinforcement system: the Kahneisen. Together with his brother Albert – one of the best-known modern architects – he had previously tested it in spectacular structures, and laid the foundation for the global triumph of reinforced concrete construction.

In 1907 the Swedish civil engineer Ivar Kreuger acquired the European marketing rights for the Kahneisen. Together with his friend, Anders Jordahl, a Norwegian civil engineer, he founded the Deutsche Kahneisen Gesellschaft mbH (DKG).

However, the Kahneisen would not remain the only successful product produced by this young company. In 1913 Jordahl designed the c-shaped anchor channel – a milestone in the history of connection systems and the world's first ever anchor channel. Throughout the decades new products were added and existing ones improved – the demand for high-quality and reliable DKG products increased across the globe. Production capacity was continuously increased to meet the growing demands, until the new production and warehouse facilities with a high-tech machine park were opened in 2006 in Trebbin near Berlin.

DKG also refreshed the sales section: together with PFEIFER Seil- und Hebetechnik and H-Bau Technik, a joint sales and marketing company was founded in 1993: J&P - the construction partners define a new benchmark for a customer-oriented partnership.
The next great, and logical, step followed in October 2012: rebranding. We have been globally active since then under the name JORDAHL GmbH. A name taken from company history, already a globally esteemed brand within the industry name and one that underpins our international orientation.
However, the roots of our high-quality and reliable products are, and will remain, in Germany.

On June 1, 2017 JORDAHL H-BAU Vertriebs GmbH was founded. JORDAHL H-BAU provides cost-effective, high quality and reliable products to benefit the construction industry. Alongside the range of products JORDAHL H-BAU also have an experienced team providing design guidance, technical support, sales and pricing assistance – to ensure customers are supplied the most suitable value-engineered products and solutions for their national and international projects.