JORDAHL Export No. 1




JORDAHL connects: concrete, steel, heavy loads and a whole lot more. And of course numerous customers around the world who have already opted for high-quality and individual products for connection, shear reinforcement, shear connector and facade connection systems as well as mounting technology.

Customers who choose JORDAHL want more – higher levels of quality, a broader range of choice, better consulting services, more extensive experience. And they get all of this from us. Since our company was founded in Berlin in 1907, we have been at the forefront of connection and shear reinforcement system development. JORDAHL® products such as anchor channels have become milestones in the evolution of structural engineering. They have brought lasting changes to construction, shaping the way buildings are designed and making them safer, not just in Germany.

Our portfolio currently comprises some 18,000 products that offer the right solutions for applications in the construction of buildings, tunnels, civil engineering projects and sports facilities as well as for infrastructure projects and framing systems. Most of them have European Technical Approval (ETA) or general building approval.

And for all those who have not yet found the right product in the high-quality JORDAHL® standard range – our engineers also develop special customised solutions which are of course made from excellent materials, are innovative and display the same high level of quality. It is not surprising that we process between 1,500 and 2,000 kilometres of profile steel and 1,000 kilometres of reinforcing steel every year.

JORDAHL® products are used in construction projects around the world owing to their proven high quality. Do you want to learn more about it? Here you can find some of our most important projects.

JORDAHL in China

JORDAHL (Beijing) Building Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2009 as a subsidiary of JORDAHL GmbH, Germany. Since then, JORDAHL has been proud to serve our customers in China, as a market leader in the fields of anchor technology, connection and reinforcement technology, and façade attachment. In addition to our office in Beijing, JORDAHL also maintains a sales office in Hong Kong to provide engineering, logistical, and commercial support.

We offer:
• High quality JORDAHL Anchor Channels made in Germany
• Free software to design solutions with JORDAHL Anchor Channels
• Products for connection and reinforcement systems
• Customized solutions
• Project based consulting
• Stable and persistent storage to guarantee quick delivery

Customer focus
Our customer relationships are characterized by mutual trust. Close relationships with our customers, flexibility, and reliability are our goals. We will do our best to provide you with satisfactory service, with our energetic and motivated team of experts, throughout China.

Please feel free to check our references in the railway and curtain wall industries.

Our office

See here some pictures of our office in Beijing:

JORDAHL® Export No. 1 2013

JORDAHL (Beijing) Building Technology Co., Ltd. was the best international subsidiary of JORDAHL GmbH in 2013. For that reason, Managing Director from the German headquarters, Joachim Andrös, came to visit and brought a certificate and presents.
JORDAHL Export No. 1JORDAHL Export No. 1