JORDAHL is celebrating the acquisition of the new CABR certificate in Beijing

On July 6, 2016, JORDAHL GmbH was awarded the “CABR” certificate for JORDAHL® anchor channels JTA in the framework of a press conference held by the Chinese approval authority China Academy of Building Research Certification Center (CABR). Founded in 1953, CABR is the largest and most comprehensive research institution for the construction sector in China. It also allocates permits and quality certificates.

The newly awarded CABR certificate for the JORDAHL® anchor channels is not only comprised of the product specification for channels, but also allows for the ongoing remote monitoring of the product quality. Geometric dimensions, material stabilities and guaranteed minimum load-bearing capabilities are subject to an initial inspection as well as the ongoing external monitoring by independent and CABR-accredited testing institutes. This system guarantees reliable and federally audited product information which guarantees the highest level of quality and reliability to the planners and builders.
JORDAHL considers the press conference a great success. The Berlin company was able to present itself as a strong company to an audience of more than 120 guests. Prof. Wang Jun, President of the Chinese approval authority CABR, presented the certificate to JORDAHL. In addition to the managing director of JORDAHL China, Götz Parnitzke, the lead engineer in China, Michelle Mi, and a senior application consultant from JORDAHL, Elisabeth Smith, also Gerhard Breitschaft, President of the Deutsche Institut für Bautechnik (German Institute for Building Technology), the German approval authority for unregulated building products, and high-ranking representatives from the building authorities from both countries were in attendance.
Prof. Wang Qingqin and Götz Parnitzke (f.l.t.r.)
The mood was very positive, official and celebratory, according to Elisabeth Smith, who was highly praised for her dedication and participation in the project. Above all “the perfect preparation of the event by the Chinese colleagues” and the support during the event were the reason for the success of the conference.

Good prospects:
Elisabeth Smith explains: “The certificate serves as proof that the high quality and reliability of the JORDAHL® channels can also withstand the requirements of the Chinese authorities”. A significant increase in the market awareness in China with respect to JORDAHL is expected from the conference. In future, planning reliability can be assured for the engineers, builders and construction companies and compliance with the high quality standards can be guaranteed by continuously monitoring building processes.
In addition, the newly obtained certificate constitutes a clear competitive edge for JORDAHL in China, since local competitors do not yet possess this certificate and, by creating the technical specification, there are now testing guidelines applicable for all manufacturers of anchor channels in China.

All in all, the acquisition of the new CABR certificate constitutes an important success which will have a significant effect in shaping the future of JORDAHL as a company and, in particular, on the cooperation with our colleagues in China.
Elisabeth Smith

Download the CABR Certificate 

Videos of the CABR certificate press conference

Watch the presentation by Götz Parnitzke and Elisabeth Smith at the press conference of the awarded CABR certificate. 
Götz Parnitzke talks about JORDAHL China and the acquisition of the certificate. Elisabeth Smith talks about the software calculations and the quality control regarding the CABR certificate.

Press Conference - CABR Certificate - Company Presentation (English, Chinese)

Presentation by Götz Parnitzke about JORDAHL China and the CABR certificate.

Press conference - CABR certificate - Design and Safety Concept (English, Chinese)

Presentation by Elisabeth Smith about the CABR certificate and the design and safety concept.

Press conference - CABR certificate - Quality Standards (English, Chinese)

Presentation by Elisabeth Smith about the CABR certificate and quality standards.