Toothed JORDAHL® Anchor Channels JXA-PC W
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Toothed JORDAHL®
Anchor Channels JXA-PC W


Toothed JORDAHL® Anchor Channels JXA-PC WToothed JORDAHL® Anchor Channels JXA-PC W


The hot-rolled, toothed JORDAHL® anchor channels, together with the JORDAHL® toothed T-bolts and the JORDAHL® accessories, offer a reliable, form-fit connection also in the longitudinal direction of the channel. They are capable of absorbing static and dynamic loads, tensile, transverse and longitudinal. For safety-related applications or under seismic load, the toothed anchor channels provide a particularly high resistance.


  • Fast, efficient and versatile fixing of large loads
  • Increased loadability thanks to a special anchor shape (ribbed anchor)
  • Larger head for reliable grip even for large cracks
  • Additional anchor length for deeper load transfer
  • Ribbed anchor surface for optimum anchoring
  • Simpler compensation of construction tolerances
  • No damage to the structural elements from drilling
  • Reduced construction time through installation using simple handtools
  • Small edge separations possible
  • Simple, individual application possibilities and possible re-use of the fixing
  • Optimised geometry with strengthened channel lips for high tightening torques
  • Approved for installation in structural components with fire protection requirements
  • Planning freedom resulting from universal loadability in all directions


Curved anchor channels, anchor channel pairs. Production of special profiles on request.


With effective corrosion protection. Available in hot-dip galvanised steel or stainless steel (A4). Standard filling of polyethylene (PE) or polystyrene (PS).

Load Groups

Can be delivered in any length up to 6 metres. Static load-bearing capacity up to 27 kN service load (37.8 kN design resistance).


JORDAHL® Toothed T-bolts

JORDAHL® Toothed T-bolts

Together with the toothed JORDAHL® anchor channels JXA, absorption of loads in all directions


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